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-Trailers For Other Boats
Single and multiple boat and sailboat trailers

Trailex Ultra-Light Aluminum Trailers come with  a One Year Limited Warranty.  Almost 50% lighter than steel trailers and they Never Rust

All Aluminum, All Bolted Construction, All Adjustable

Trailex series of boat trailers  have epoxy coated leaf springs and hot dipped galvanized axles.  These trailers require common carrier or motor freight shipment, and are easily assembled using only simple tools.  Since Trailex Trailers are   made of aluminum, they are maintenance-free in addition to being strong and lightweight.  Trailex's  light weight allows towing with today's smaller vehicles.

Application Information

Models are available for  Numerous Boats and Sailboats including:

  • Canoes
  • Kayaks
  • SUP Stand Up Paddleboards
  • Dories
  • Skiffs
  • Wherries
  • Fishing Boats
  • SemiVee Boats
  • Jon Boats
  • Inflatable Boats
  • RIB
  • Sailboats 
  • Catamarans
  • Trimarans
  • Personal Watercraft
  • Multiple Canoes
  • Multiple Kayaks
  • Multiple Sailboats
  • Multiple SUPs

Partial Listings

Canoes Trailer to 17' SUT-220-S
Freighter Canoe Trailer to 21' SUT-350-S
Kayak Trailer to 17' SUT-220-S
Long Sea Kayak Trailer to 21' SUT-350-S
Catamaran  Trailer  TX-418
Dory Trailer SUT-220-S
Skiff Trailer SUT-220-S
Rowing Shell Trailer SUT-350-S
Fishing Boat Trailer to 250 lbs SUT-250-S
Fishing Boat Trailer to 500 lbs SUT-500-S
Small Sailboat Trailer to 200 lbs SUT-220-S
Small Sailboat Trailer to 250 lbs SUT-250-S
Small Sailboat Trailer to 500 lbs SUT-500-S
Models by Manufacturer:  
A Class Catamaran Trailer TX-418-A
8Adirondack  Guide Boat Trailer SUT-220-S
American Sail 14.6 Sailboat Trailer SUT-500-S
American Sail Aqua Finn Trailer SUT-220-S
American Sail Aqua Cat Trailer SUT-450-C
Arch Davis Penobscot 17  Trailerrt Catfish Catamaran Trailer SUT-500-S
Arch Davis Sand Dollar Trailer SUT-250-S
Banshee Sailboat Trailer SUT-250-S
Barnett 1400 Sailboat Trailer SUT-220-S
Bass Raider 10E Pelican Trailer SUT-250-S
Bass Hound Boats  Trailer SUT-250-S
Bass Tender Boat Trailer SUT-250-S
Blue Jay Sailboat Trailer SUT-500-S
Boston Whaler 9' Trailer SUT-250-S
Boston Whaler Squall Trailer SUT-250-S
Butterfly Sailboat Trailer SUT-250-S
Byte Sailboat Trailer SUT-250-L
Canoe Trailer SUT-220-S
Catfish Catamaran Trailer SUT-450-I
Cats Paw 12' Dinghy  Trailer SUT-250-S
Chesapeake Light Craft 
Annapolis Wherry  17'-9"
Chesapeake Light Craft 
Annapolis Wherry Tandem 19'-10"
Chesapeake Light Craft
 Chester Yawl
Chesapeake Light Craft
Jimmy Skiff
Chesapeake Light Craft
Northeaster Dory
Chesapeake Light Craft
Passagemaker Dinghy
Chesapeake Light Craft Skerry SUT-500-S
Chrysler Mutineer Trailer SUT-500-S
Cosine Wherry Dory Trailer SUT-220-S
Dart 18 Catamaran Trailer TX-418
Dolphin Senior Sailboat Trailer SUT-500-S
Dyer Dhow Trailer SUT-250-S
Dyer Dink Trailer SUT-250-S
El Toro Sailboat Trailer SUT-250-S
Escape Playcat Catamaran Trailer SUT-350-EP
Escape Sailboat Trailer SUT-250-S
Force 5 Sailboat Trailer SUT-250-S
Folbot Kayak Trailer SUT-220-S
Gig Harbor Point Defiance  Trailer SUT-250-S
Gig Harbor Swampscott Dory SUT-500-S
Grumman Canoe Trailer SUT-220-S
Grumman Sport Boat Trailer SUT-220-S
Herreshoff 12' Dinghy  Trailer SUT-250-S
Hobie Bravo Catamaran Trailer SUT-450-I
Hobie 12  Catamaran Trailer SUT-450-I
Hobie Getaway Catamaran Trailer TX-418
Hobie Cat Catamarans Trailer TX-418
Hobie Tiger Catamarans Trailer TX-418
Hobie Cat 14 Catamarans Trailer TX-418
Hobie Cat 16 Catamarans Trailer TX-418
Hobie Cat 18 Catamarans Trailer TX-418
Hobie  Adventure Island Trailer SUT-220-S
Hobie  Mirage kayak Trailer SUT-220-S
Hobie  Pro Angler Trailer SUT-220-S
Hobie Wave Catamarans Trailer SUT-450-C
Holder 12 Sailboat (Hobie) Trailer SUT-250-S
Holder 14 Sailboat (Hobie) Trailer SUT-500-S
Hunter 90 Sailboat Trailer SUT-220-S
Hunter 140 Sailboat Trailer SUT-250-S
Inflatable Boat Trailer SUT-450-I
Inter 17 Catamaran Trailer TX-418
Inter 18 Catamaran Trailer TX-418
Inter 20 Catamaran Trailer TX-418
Jet 14 Sailboat SUT-500-S
Jon Boats &
Flat Bottom Boat Trailer
Kayak Trailer SUT-220-S
420 Sailboat Trailer SUT-500-S
Labrie 12' Dinghy  Trailer SUT-250-S
Laser Sailboat Trailer SUT-250-L
Laser 2 Sailboat Trailer SUT-250-L-II
Laser Pico Sailboat Trailer SUT-220-S
Little River Heritage 15 Trailer SUT-220-S
Little River Heritage 18 Trailer SUT-350-S
Livingston  Boat  7'-6", 9', 10' & 12'   Trailer SUT-450-I
Megabyte Sailboat Trailer SUT-250-S
Melonseed  Sailboat Trailer
(Gig Harbor)
Melonseed  Sailboat Trailer
Middlepath Skua Trailer SUT-220-S
MX Ray Sailboat Trailer SUT-250-S
Nacra 5.0 Catamaran Trailer   TX-418
Nacra 5.2  Catamaran Trailer  TX-418
Nacra  5.8 Catamaran Trailer  TX-418
Nacra 6.0 Catamaran Trailer  TX-418
Nacra 500  Catamaran Trailer  TX-418
Nacra 570  Catamaran Trailer  TX-418
Nacra  Playcat Catamaran Trailer SUT-350-EP
Nordic Explorer Rowboat Trailer SUT-220-S
NRS  13, 14, 16  Cataraft  Trailer SUT-450-I
Outcast PAC 1200 Trailer SUT-450-I
Outcast PAC 1400 Trailer SUT-450-I
O'Day Swift Sailboat Trailer SUT-220-S
Paddle Board Trailer SUP SUT-450-M6
Penguin  Sailboat Trailer SUT-250-S
Pelican Bass Raider 10E Trailer SUT-250-S
Peapod Sailboat Trailer SUT-220-S
Port a Boat 12' Trailer SUT-250-S
Port a Boat 14' Trailer SUT-500-S
Portland Pudgy Trailer SUT-250-S
Prindle 16 Catamaran Trailer TX-418
Prindle 18 Catamaran Trailer TX-418
Prindle 19 Catamaran Trailer TX-418
Phantom Sailboat Trailer SUT-220-S
Puffer Sailboat Trailer SUT-220-S
Rangeley 17 Trailer SUT-220-S
RIB  Trailer
(Rigid Inflatable Boats)
Saturn KaBoat 12, 13,14,15 Inflatable Trailer SUT-450-I
Scorpion Sailboat  Trailer SUT-500-S
Seacycle Catamaran Trailer SUT-450-I
Sea Eagle FoldCat 375 Trailer SUT-450-I
Sea Eagle FoldCat 440 Trailer * SUT-450-I
Sea Eagle Inflatables Trailer SUT-450-I
Shellback Dinghy Trailer SUT-220-S
Sidewinder MFG Sailboat Trailer SUT-500-S
Sunfish Sailboat Trailer SUT-220-S
Sunchaser I & II  Sailboat Trailer SUT-250-S
Sunflower  Snark Sailboat Trailer SUT-220-S
SUP  Trailer  Stand Up Paddle Boards SUT-450-M6
Super Snark Sailboat Trailer SUT-220-S
Swamscott 18 Dory SUT-500-S18
Swamscott 26 Dory SPECIAL - CALL
Tasar 15 Sailboat Trailer SUT-500-S
Topaz 14  Catamaran Trailer SUT-450-C
Topaz Sailboat Trailer SUT-250-S
Walker Bay 10 Semivee Trailer SUT-250-S
Water Bike Catamaran Trailer SUT-450-C
Wherrie Trailer SUT-220-S
Whitehall Rowing Dory Trailer SUT-220-S
Vanguard  Sweet 16 Catamaran Trailer TX-418
Vanguard 15 Sailboat Trailer SUT-500-S
Zuma Sailboat Trailer SUT-250-S
Zodiac Inflatable Boat Trailer SUT-450-I



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